Signs that a Kitchen might be Outdated

BlogAdmin2Tuesday, Jul 07, 2022

A kitchen is where most people spend a significant amount of time, so this space needs to be functional, beautiful, and inviting. Older kitchens will prevent you from enjoying this space, and a fresh change may be necessary if you notice any of the following signs:  

Outdated look and feel

Oak raised-panel cabinets, speckled countertops, and dim or yellowing lighting will make a kitchen look and feel outdated as these trends are no longer popular. Bad lighting will make a kitchen feel smaller than it actually is, so you must consider soft white and natural lighting. Installing under or above cabinet lighting will also help brighten up your space.

Damaged cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets can no longer hold everything you need or if they show signs of structural damage, they are likely due for a remodel. You should not have to cram dinnerware into cabinets, nor should you throw pots and pans on top. If you notice warping or see a peeling or bubbly finish, this is a sign that your cabinets should be replaced. Remodelling your cabinets would allow you to add more space, and you will get to select a newer appearance. 

Poorly designed layout.

 If you feel frustrated when working in your kitchen, a poorly designed layout may be the cause. Remodelling your kitchen will allow you to focus on functionality and provide enough storage and counter space. A kitchen must be functional and have enough space for the necessary cooking ware and appliances. The right design will allow you to cook easily and comfortably, and the right layout will allow you to enjoy the process.

Dated countertops and appliances

Old-fashioned appliances or countertops will make your entire kitchen look and feel old, even if your cabinets are in good condition. While it can be expensive, investing in new appliances will instantly update your kitchen, as will installing new countertops. Choose the same colour for appliances and coordinate your appliances and fixtures to create a cohesive design.

Short backsplashes

Older kitchens have countertop material extended a few inches on the wall to act as a backsplash. Still, this trend is no longer popular, and modern kitchens have backsplashes that go from the countertop to the base of the upper cabinets. Extended backsplashes will make a kitchen look more modern and better protect your walls from food and water damage. 

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