Commercial construction is a broad area of expertise with numerous project elements that require streamlined communication, planning and supply. Work with a company that has a proven track record of successful renovation projects, with an organized system to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget—with the right types of quality materials, equipment, permits, and help acquiring the necessary building codes.

From small scale office redesigns to building repair, commercial construction requires the services of professionals like the experienced team at Home Reno Direct to upgrade or improve a commercial structure.


Whether constructing a new office building or renovating an old one, proper planning and development is necessary for a successful result. The design and construction of office buildings and retail spaces depends on a variety of factors, including the type of tenants, the size of the building, and the budget. The process of value engineering is often used, which looks for ways to improve functionality and cut costs while still meeting client needs.

A building design package will be presented to the client, including the type of materials, room size and function, and orientation to public infrastructure. It is important that the building's orientation and utility connections match the building's location and surrounding area. A development package will also need to meet the building's code requirements.


Before construction begins, a design team will be formed that will oversee the project from concept to completion. The design team will also be responsible for ensuring that all provincial and local regulations are met, including building permits. These permits protect both the contractor and the workers during construction. Among other things, a design team will need to acquire licenses for prefabricated structures, plumbing systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and land use. After selecting a design team and contractor, the pre-construction phase begins. The entire project team will be assembled at this stage.

Utility lay-out is also an important aspect of pre-construction because it will determine how to connect the building to utilities. This should be done before construction begins to ensure that there are no hidden problems that accumulate to more severe issues later in the design-build process.


Consultation and Walk Through

Interior Design Consultation & Budget

Architectural 2D/3D Modelling and Floor Plans

Permits, Licenses and Building Code Compliance

Quality Execution, Contracting & Supplies

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The cost of commercial construction for office buildings varies greatly depending on the size, type, and location of the building. For example, a basic one-story warehouse will be much cheaper to build per square foot than a high-rise building. Large office buildings require more engineering and site preparation, and they also have different structural needs.

Additionally, the materials used by the designer will have a big impact on the cost per square foot. For example, steel-structured buildings will require more fabrication, and custom-built windows will drive up the price per square foot.


The commercial construction process involves several phases, each of which is crucial for the success of the project. The initial phase involves the creation of detailed drawings. The process also involves the involvement of several engineers to determine the structural integrity of the building, as well as the electrical and mechanical supply systems. It also involves the establishment of a construction timeline.


When you are selling or leasing commercial office buildings, you should consider the benefits of getting a building inspection. These inspections will make sure your building is safe, as well as that your lease terms are being met. When it comes to residential and commercial inspections, it is critical to hire a professional team like the proven commercial renovation experts at Home Reno Direct. An experienced commercial building engineer will be able to spot problems and find workable solutions that fit within your budget and timelines.

The purpose of a building inspection is to ensure that all the building's systems are in working order, serving as the foundation for the building’s longevity. The inspector will look for issues with plumbing, heating and cooling, and structural integrity. If something is broken, he will estimate the cost, along with ensuring the functional operations of the building’s fire safety systems, sprinkler systems, and alarms.

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Commercial construction projects are more complex than residential ones, and often involve large teams with a proven track record. The project involves multiple stakeholders, including the general contractor, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and construction managers.

While the residential projects involve only a single team, commercial projects require a large amount of labour, materials, and time. Work with a trusted company for office building renovations and construction at Home Reno Direct! Call today at 1-905-564-9989.

Why we excel at commercial renovation:

  • Home Reno has a decade of experience with white-glove construction services, we take care of your projects from design to install.
  • We offer commercial clients an a-la-carte service; where they can purchase design services, shop through our expansive retail offerings, use our trades to craft their vision, or have us take care of everything from A-Z.
  • Over 50 full-time staff and tradesmen on payroll.
  • Vast number of quality material suppliers to select from either in-store or online at

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