In the process of designing and building a new retail business, you will encounter many unique challenges. These challenges may include the type of construction and materials required, permits, safety concerns, and even logistics. In such cases, partnering with a Retail Commercial Construction and Design Build company is essential.

Retail Store Renovation Service


Pre-construction is the process of designing the physical structure of a building. It includes detailed drawings and the expertise of several engineers. These engineers include structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. They also determine the building's layout, materials, and equipment. This phase of design also determines the project timeline and cost estimates.

This phase involves collaborating with your design-build team and contractor to determine the best course of action for your project. It involves checking out the job site, discussing design concepts, and expressing your requirements. It's also important to communicate your budget and deadlines with your contractor.


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics that measure the performance of your business. Some are related to specific business functions, while others are more general in nature and relate to your organization’s overall goals. Whatever the case, it’s important to have KPIs in place to keep everyone focused on your company’s goals and objectives.

KPIs define the parameters of execution, establish metrics for success, and ensure quality standards are met. They also facilitate the design evolution process and inform stakeholders. They also help allocate resources more effectively, ensuring contractors receive all the materials they need to complete the project on time. The final goal is to ensure the quality of the construction project and ensure it meets the requirements of the client.


Consultation and Walk Through

Interior Design Consultation & Budget

Architectural 2D/3D Modelling and Floor Plans

Permits, Licenses and Building Code Compliance

Quality Execution, Contracting & Supplies

retail store renovation service
Retail Store and commercial renovation
Commercial and Retail Renovation
Commercial Renovation Service


The Construction phase involves the physical building of a commercial property. This includes sourcing materials and moving in construction equipment. Whether the equipment is being rented or purchased, it must meet the project specifications. It also involves hiring labourers. Depending on the scope of the project, the Construction phase may involve more challenges or fewer challenges than other phases of the process.

In a design-build project, this phase of construction brings blueprints to life. During this phase, the construction team monitors the work, cost, and timeline. They also measure performance against the set goals, standards, and KPI’s concerning safety and quality. They must also meet deadlines, maintain a quality control system, and develop a risk management response plan.


Commissioning in retail commercial construction and design build involves an evaluation of the building's systems to ensure efficiency. When systems are efficient, they use less energy and require less maintenance. This not only saves money, but also improves worker efficiency. Commissioning can also be done on a minimal budget and without disrupting the store's operations.

Commissioning can occur throughout a project, from the beginning of construction to the operation phase. This element can be performed by an independent consultant or a representative of the owner. In the case of design-build projects, the independent consultant can bring a unique perspective and objectivity to the project.


When you are selling or leasing commercial office buildings, you should consider the benefits of getting a building inspection. These inspections will make sure your building is safe, as well as that your lease terms are being met. When it comes to residential and commercial inspections, it is critical to hire a professional team like the proven commercial renovation experts at Home Reno Direct. An experienced commercial building engineer will be able to spot problems and find workable solutions that fit within your budget and timelines.

The purpose of a building inspection is to ensure that all the building's systems are in working order, serving as the foundation for the building’s longevity. The inspector will look for issues with plumbing, heating and cooling, and structural integrity. If something is broken, he will estimate the cost, along with ensuring the functional operations of the building’s fire safety systems, sprinkler systems, and alarms.

Retail Store Renovation Service


Handover is the final touchpoint between the project team and the client. It's an opportunity to make a good impression. To make it a smooth experience, it's important to create a good gameplan for the project's close out. This will avoid any future misunderstandings. Additionally, modern technology solutions are available for a comprehensive handover package. These methods can overcome the shortage of resources and the multiplicity of variables that can affect the success of a project.

Design-build and construction project management involves defining the needs and goals for the project. In this phase, architectural and civil engineering plans are created. The project parameters are determined, including the cost, timeframe, scope, and quality. The construction phase consists of site selection, construction, and post-operational activities.


At Home Reno Direct, our commercial design-build team can help you achieve your vision and create the luxury appeal that your business needs. We will also work with you to keep your project on schedule and on budget, with quality workmanship and materials for your building’s long-term structural integrity. Get in touch today at 1-905-564-9989.

Why we excel at commercial renovation:

  • Home Reno has a decade of experience with white-glove construction services, we take care of your projects from design to install.
  • We offer commercial clients an a-la-carte service; where they can purchase design services, shop through our expansive retail offerings, use our trades to craft their vision, or have us take care of everything from A-Z.
  • Over 50 full-time staff and tradesmen on payroll.
  • Vast number of quality material suppliers to select from either in-store or online at

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