If you're planning to start a Personal Care Clinic, you'll need a commercial building to accommodate your operation. Here are some elements to consider before making a decision: Location, building design, construction methods, and costs. Then, you can begin planning your project. This will help you ensure the best outcome for your clinic.

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The first step in site selection for commercial construction for personal care clinics is to determine what kind of space the organization needs. The type of facility may depend on a variety of factors. Location is an obvious factor, but other factors can also be crucial to the success of your new facility. One of the most important factors is the size of the site. Large properties are desirable, but they may also be more expensive than smaller properties. If you don't have a lot of budget, you may have to compromise on the size of the property.

Site selection is crucial for any new personal care clinic. Many factors should be considered, such as the size of the land parcel, the cost of utilities, and the proximity to other personal care facilities. Once you've figured out the size and type of space you're going to need, you can begin looking for the right location. It's vital that the location you choose fits your needs as well as the needs of the community.

Size is an important factor when it comes to site selection for a personal care clinic. You want to make sure that you'll have ample space for future growth. It's also important to consider the location of your potential competitors. Lastly, consider the number of patients you're targeting with regard to capacity and building design.


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In multi-story buildings, there are specific requirements for accessible routes. Elevators are exempted from this requirement, but only on the main floor. That means that offices for personal care providers are not exempt from this rule. Other types of accessible routes may include stairs and escalators.

Parking is another key aspect of AODA compliance. Hospital outpatient facilities must provide at least 10% accessible parking spaces. This rule does not apply to other facilities, such as a pharmacy or doctor’s office. The AODA requires accessible parking for all patients, visitors, and employees.

Personal Care Renovation Service
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Personal Care Renovation Services


A personal care facility must be designed to promote patient safety and speedy access to medical care. This includes technology and equipment. The design of the space also helps ensure the comfort of patients and caregivers. Here are some tips for designing a personal care facility. After you have identified your goals, you can begin the design process.

A clinic should have easy-to-clean, fire-retardant furniture. It should also have separate seating for sick patients and infants. The space should also be designed with durable, hygienic finishes. The design should also feature a comfortable environment for both patients and visitors. It should also be designed to maximize natural daylight and viewscapes.


The costs of commercial construction for personal care clinics can vary widely. These facilities are generally more costly than other types of commercial construction, and the costs are usually more per square foot. Personal care facilities are often very specialized and require more complex finishing than other types of construction.

The Pre-Construction Phase

Once the design is completed, the pre-construction phase begins. In this phase, the commercial manager gathers construction materials and forecasts the real cost of building the medical clinic. This forecast will guide the overall budget. The commercial manager will then negotiate the best deals for construction materials. Once the designs have been approved, the construction phase begins.

Compliance with AODA: The “Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities” Act

There are many different ways to comply with AODA standards in commercial construction of personal care clinics. Some of the most important aspects are the accessibility of common areas and accessible routes. Other requirements include providing access to equipment and materials. These requirements vary depending on the type of facility and the type of patients your clinic will be serving.

For example, a personal care clinic may need a kitchenette. While these are typically not equipped with a stove or oven, they provide a comfortable area for employees to cook and prepare food. While these areas may not require a cooktop, they must meet the AODA standards.


The design prototypes address several common issues in clinics. Poor ventilation, inadequate natural lighting, and insufficient design for sustainability can all affect patient comfort. The prototypes address these problems by providing the best possible environment for the clinic. The maternity portion of the design prototype can be adapted to the outpatient clinic, depending on the needs of the clinic.

The personal care industry is transforming, and Wellness programs are now a part of local communities. Accessible care occurs at individual clinics within convenient retail settings. With the introduction of new technologies and services, the construction and design of personal care facilities is rapidly evolving. Increasing demand for transitional care and privacy issues surrounding telehealth consultations are creating new challenges for contractors and architects alike. Fortunately, our expert team for commercial construction of personal care clinics has decades of proven experience. Get in touch with our design-build and renovation experts today!

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