Renovation Process

HomeReno Direct's Renovation Process


The initial consultation will take place either in your home or in our showroom with one of our acclaimed designers. At the 1-2 hour meeting you will discuss your wish list, objectives and desired investment range.

During this time, you can expect us to take measurements of your home, take pictures of your existing space as well as create an initial layout of your vision.

Our design consultant will discuss the layout of your dream renovation.


At this point our design team will ask you to provide inspirational images that reflect your design style and vision for the space so the design team can start concept and design development.


The Design Team will begin to prepare concepts through drawings and establish a preliminary scope of work with an approximate budget.


Upon completion of concept and design development, you will be scheduled to meet with your designer in our presentation centre. Together, you and the designer will review the entire scope of work and finishes. If for any reason finishes have not yet been selected, allowances will be allocated accordingly. HomeReno Directutilizes the latest in virtual reality design technology and you will experience this during your presentation. This 3D mock rendering will be used to aid in the finalization of your design. 

Upon signing the renovation agreement a start date will be determined.


Upon approval of the concepts, finishes, scope of work and budget, the Design Team will complete the working drawings as required.

Our design and construction experts will meet on site to inspect your home and determine if there are any visible challenges or underlying issues that we can deal with prior to construction starting. Addressing these issues early in the process will save everyone time and, hopefully, unexpected costs.


HomeReno Directhas an industry leading selection of products and materials available on-site. Your designer will schedule a meeting in our design centre where our design team will work closely with you to select all products and finishes for your project. It’s all done in house, there’s no need to go elsewhere.


Many important steps are taken by HomeReno to ensure your project runs efficiently and smoothly. The Construction Manager will arrange an introduction meeting between you and the construction crew that has been assigned to work in your home.

Project schedules and timelines with be discussed, and construction preparation will begin. Prior to any construction starting, the crew will protect and secure all areas as required. A garbage bin will be delivered, and demolition will commence.


Throughout the construction phase, you can expect the site will be cleaned daily, the Construction Manager will perform site inspections on a regular basis and ongoing customer meetings will be held with the designer to keep you informed and up to date.

You will also be required to submit regular payments as outlined in the Renovation Agreement. For your convenience, HomeReno will send you an invoice for each payment.


Each room in your home that has been affected by the renovation will be cleaned by a team of professionals. As a courtesy, and at no additional cost to you, HomeReno will also arrange to have the interior ducts cleaned throughout your home.

The designer will arrange to professionally stage the new spaces, and interior photographs and video will be taken.

*terms and conditions apply


One of the most exciting days during the renovation process happens when you do your final walk-through. No matter how exhilarated you are and eager to move back into your home, you should take your time on the walk-through and carefully check every room.

It is important to us that you are completely happy with the outcome of the project. At this time, the final payment will be required, and your 2 year warranty with HomeReno will begin.

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