Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen Layout

BlogAdmin2Thursday, Nov 11, 2018

To create a standout kitchen, it takes more than top-notch appliances and gorgeous cabinetry. If your layout
doesn’t work, beautiful design elements like a stunning backsplash or high-end quartz countertop won’t make your
kitchen any more functional. Here are a few kitchen designs to consider when renovating.


The U-shaped kitchen is one of the best layouts in terms of functionality. Most designs have the sink placed on one wall, the stove placed on the second and the refrigerator placed on the third to create an efficient workspace triangle. When planning your space, keep the distance between the sink, stove and fridge a maximum of 18 feet. Anything larger than this, and you’ll end up walking around too much in the space. And if you’re planning for a larger kitchen, the best way to increase its efficiency is to incorporate an island or a double island in the middle of your space. Islands within a large kitchen create smaller zones that help with food prep, as well as incorporate a seating and entertaining area within the space. U-shaped kitchens also allow for an ample amount of storage, since you have upper and lower cabinets running along all three walls. If you’re a busy family that loves to cook and entertain, but also needs space for all of your kitchen essentials and dishware, this may be the best option for you.


The L-shaped kitchen is a smart design that efficiently uses the corner spaces within small to medium-sized spaces. It consists of countertops on two adjoining walls, and most commonly a center island that helps finish off the space. This design creates optimal flow within a dual kitchen-living area of an open-concept home. Families with younger children typically like the L-shaped layout since it usually opens up to a family room – children playing can be kept a close eye on as dinner is prepared.


A peninsula kitchen features a connected island within a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen. It’s a great option for kitchens that don’t have the central square footage required for a true island, but want the extra counter space. When considering adding a peninsula to your layout design, make sure you have enough clearance between where your peninsula ends and your kitchen entry is. Aim for at least a five-foot gap for the best flow in and out of your space.


The one-wall kitchen is the ultimate space saver. It’s the best option for a studio condo or smaller home that just doesn’t have the space for a large kitchen. Within this layout, all of the appliances, cabinets and sink are housed along one wall for maximum efficiency. If space allows, adding a portable island between the kitchen wall and the adjoining living space is a great way to separate the two areas, and add seating at the same time. This layout is also a great layout option for a second kitchen within a larger home. Whether you have a large rec room or in-law suite, adding a one-wall kitchen will increase the convenience of your space and save you time from going back and forth to your main kitchen area.

For more kitchen layout options that best suit your space, contact one of our HomeReno Direct designers today.