Why You Should Hire a Renovation Professional Instead of Doing It Yourself

BlogAdmin2Tuesday, Sep 09, 2018

When it comes to renovating your home yourself, even the seemingly simple projects like tiling your master bathroom floor can quickly turn into expensive and time-consuming mistakes. Watching YouTube videos or getting tips from your local hardware store can never compare to a skilled professional’s handiwork. Read on for our top five reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself.

1. Potential Losses in Your Home’s Resale Value

A botched renovation can drastically affect the value of your home. Visible mistakes like a leaky sink, uneven walls or crooked cabinetry can send potential home buyers running out the door. Revealing that you did the renovations yourself if you’re not a licensed contractor, plumber or electrician can also affect your listing price. People are less likely to pay top dollar for a home that was renovated by its unlicensed owner than they are by a professional renovation company backed by a warranty.

2. Renovating Will Eat Up All Your Free Time

It’s one thing to patch up some rough spots around your home, it’s another thing completely to take on a home renovation. A big project that usually starts with great hope can quickly become ever time consuming and massively stressful for all parties involved. Living in and renovating your home at the same time leaves little time for other weekend plans. Sometimes, a project can get so stressful that families end up giving up on it altogether. Save yourself the time and the stress right off the bat and hire a contractor that will get the job done right for you in a suitable amount of time.

3. Unlicensed Electrical Work Is Dangerous

Behind-the-wall do-it-yourself fixes done improperly can be even more damaging – and dangerous. Shoddy electrical work can lead to fires that can destroy your entire home. Your home’s insurance policy may also not cover work not done by a licensed electrician, leaving you to foot the bill. Electrical work is one of the most important home renovation projects, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

4. Floods Are No Fun

Like electrical, plumbing work is another project that can quickly become disastrous and extremely damaging to your home and your health. An unnoticed leak behind a wall cavity or attic can damage ceilings, floors and more. Water damage costs associated with restoring a flooded home can quickly add up, so selecting a licensed plumber with sufficient insurance is a must. Also, moisture left unattended for a longer period of time leads to mold growth – mold spores in the air can cause breathing issues and potentially more damaging health risks.

5. You Need the Proper Tools and Knowledge on How to Use Them

Removing your old windows and installing new ones may seem like a simple weekend project, but keep in mind, you need specialized tools to do the job right. The same goes for cutting tile, dry walling, demolition and more. Purchasing these tools and figuring out how to use them properly won’t necessarily save you much in terms of installation costs. When it comes to demolition, you need a knowledge of structural design in addition to that sledgehammer. Striking the wrong pipe or removing an essential wall can cost you big bucks in terms of structural damage.

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