Trends to Vamp up Your Kitchen in 2022

BlogAdmin2Tuesday, Jan 01, 2022

If your kitchen could use a change, there are many trends you can consider to update your space. A few upgrades will elevate the appearance of your kitchen entirely, and you will be a lot happier with the results, so if you’re ready to vamp up your kitchen in 2022, consider the following trends:

Coloured Cabinets

While white is a classic option, designers are moving towards fun cabinet colours like sage green and mint to add a pop of colour. This will not only give your kitchen a brand new look but will also make the space fun and unique. 2022 is the year we move away from all-white kitchens, so select a fresh, new cabinet colour if you’re after a new look.


This, too, is a trend you will be seeing everywhere, so if you are tired of seeing all white, you can incorporate pops of wallpaper into your kitchen for a fun and bold look. This aspect can become a focal point in this space, and your kitchen will appear a lot more modern.

Antique Elements

While modern kitchens are great, mixing vintage-style elements into this type of kitchen is a big trend you’ll see in 2022. Antique kitchen islands, in particular, are very popular, and your kitchen will appear very stylish as a result of this feature, and you will get to enjoy a hint of nostalgia as well.


Clean lines and solid surfaces were very popular last year, but textured surfaces are taking over, so you can consider wood-like rustic countertops, brushed metals and visible grains, all of which will update the appearance of your space and add new interest.

Open Shelving

The popularity of this trend continues to grow each year as it is a beautiful and contemporary option that will provide you with lots of display space. You can show off your glassware, photo frames, books and other trinkets, and your kitchen will have more of a modern vibe when you install open shelving.

Colourful Appliances

This may sound too adventurous, but it’s a great idea you can consider, and you will see this idea in many designs this year. While it’s true that stainless steel and black appliances will provide you with a clean and sophisticated look, a pop of colour from an unexpected item can really change your space and liven up your kitchen. Appliances are available in a variety of vibrant colours, so you can express creativity by selecting a colourful stove or appliance.

Pull-out Storage Options

Storage is very important for any kitchen, and pull-out cabinets are not just trendy but also very practical. This will ensure your pots, pans, dishes, and spices are accessible at all times.

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