Trends in Bathroom Design

BlogAdmin2Wednesday, Jun 06, 2018

A bathroom remodel can be an excellent opportunity to express your personal style, but with so many materials, colours and finishes to choose from, deciding on an overall design can be overwhelming for homeowners. To help you narrow down your options and get you closer to designing your perfect bathroom, here are some of our current favourite design trends.

Tranquil Tones

Soft, neutral colour schemes in off-white shades of pale grey, alabaster and barely blue remain a popular choice for bathroom interiors. They set the tone for a tranquil space and invite endless possibilities for styling with accessories, lighting and small furniture. In a recent Home Reno Direct renovation, a pale grey colour scheme was the jumping-off point for a luxurious master bath. Two-tone patterned wallpaper, brass freestanding shelving and a grand chandelier added texture and elegance, while complimenting the space.

Tile Trends

Large-scale porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles in glossy finishes are making a comeback in bathroom flooring, being placed in both simple stack-bond patterns for a clean and modern look or used in the background of a central motif design. The overall look is elegant and high-end, while also being practical and low-maintenance due to fewer grout lines. Accent tile beneath a free-standing tub is another trend that will turn up the “wow” factor in your bathroom. In the below image, Home Reno Direct designers made a statement in a chalet-style bathroom by using a combination of mosaic tile and wood flooring. The pairing gives the space a textured feel and makes the tub area more practical for everyday use.

For the shower, layering small-scale mosaic tile alongside larger-scale tile to create an eye-catching design continues to be a popular choice. To get the balance right, choose smaller-scale tiles for the shower floor and either continue the pattern within a strip along one wall or keep it simple and integrate larger tiles above. When mixing and matching tile, try to limit your design to three different types – too many variations in texture and pattern can make your bathroom look cluttered. A good rule of thumb to follow: select one must-have tile as your focal point, then choose one or two complementing accent tiles to finish the space.

Floating Vanities & Toilets

Floating vanities and toilets have always had their place in modern design, but now we are seeing them being integrated within traditional styles as well. They instantly give a bathroom a more spacious feel because all of their parts and plumbing components are neatly tucked away and anchored within the walls. Floating vanities and toilets are also a great option for smaller-scale bathrooms and powder rooms since they create the illusions of a more open space.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are not only a beautiful fixture in any bathroom, they add an element of luxury to your most private space. Although they are typically reserved for larger-scale bathrooms to get the full effect, with some smart planning you can achieve the look within a smaller space by having them installed in an alcove rather than front and centre. Freestanding tubs come in a wide range of materials, finishes and styles, from sleek and sophisticated to sculptural standouts. Let our designers help choose the one that best compliments your space.

For more bathroom design inspiration, take a look at Home Reno Direct’s portfolio or contact one of our designers.