Top Trends in Kitchen Design

BlogAdmin2Thursday, Mar 03, 2020

Considering renovating your kitchen in the coming months? Check out these top trends before finalizing your design plans

Warm Neutrals

Will all-white kitchens ever go out of style? We think not. However, for 2019, new design elements are being introduced to make white kitchens even more covetable. Designers are including warm neutrals – think wood accents and creamy hues – to give greater depth and interest to the space. We’re also seeing traditional white kitchen cabinets being paired with off-white countertops, such as grey or beige, in a honed finish for a more casual approach. Upper cabinets are also being swapped for floating wood shelves, styled with favourite objects and every day dinnerware, to add further warmth to kitchen spaces.

Statement Hoods

The once humble hood is making a statement and drawing attention to itself with the help of bold colour, mixed metals and more. Play with scale and exaggerate the design of your hood for a stylish impact in your space or give it a textural treatment to delineate the cooking zone. You can also try introducing colour into your kitchen through your hood for a statement move that’s very much on trend.

Timeless Quality

Investing in quality, key pieces continues to be a major factor when designing kitchens for 2019. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are key to producing stunning spaces. Traditional and timeless features, such as quartz countertops and custom cabinets, continue to be popular choices because of their beauty, quality and durability. When choosing finishes for your kitchen, budget for well-made items that will last. They’ll look gorgeous in your space and also give you a return on your investment when selling your home in the future.

Modern Rustic

A mix of modern and rustic continues to dominate the look of the kitchen in the coming year. A favourite fixture we’re seeing a lot of are wooden beams. They bring a rustic element to modern kitchens as well as a nice focal point to the ceiling. The best part: you don’t need to do an extensive renovation to get the look. Faux wood beam options are available and can be installed over existing ceilings for a similar result. This mix of old and new is also being seen through the pairing of farmhouse sinks with modern matte black faucets – it’s a black and white look that makes a stylish statement in the kitchen space. And if matte black is too trendy for your taste, choose a stainless-steel faucet option, which will look just as gorgeous.

Livable Layout

Modern kitchens are transitioning into livable spaces that extend meal prep and eating. Designers are rethinking the kitchen layout to fit individual families instead of ticking all of their design boxes. Elements such as bookshelves, cozy seating and even fireplaces are making their way into the space, transforming it into a gathering place that blends living and dining. This is best achieved with an open-concept layout for the kitchen, which allows the space to function within the home, rather than as a separate zone.

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