Tips for a Successful Renovation Project

BlogAdmin2Friday, Aug 08, 2018

From being realistic about timelines to choosing your finishes, HomeReno Direct shares their top insider’s tips to getting and staying organized throughout the whole process

Think About Resale Value

Whether you’re renovating your home to fit your growing family, or have finally decided it’s time for the kitchen of your dreams, you should always consider potential resale value when making design decisions. Choosing in-demand materials like hardwood, quartz stone and porcelain will help you get a better return on your investment, if you decide to sell your home in the future. Avoiding making design choices that are too personalized or over-the-top or choosing colours that are bright and bold will also help you attract more potential buyers when the time comes. A neutral colour scheme is a favourite choice among designers and blends well with a variety of styles.

Finalize Your Design

Sticking to one design can be tricky, especially when there are so many styles and finishes to choose from – just when you decide you love one style, you come across something new and it can completely change your design. At HomeReno Direct, designers work one-on-one with clients on colours, schemes and textures to help make your dream home a reality. “To create that wow factor, you have to think outside the box – that’s what we do for our clients,” says HomeReno Direct owner Remon Hanoun. The design process is streamlined and stress-free from start to finish. “We start by going to our client’s home to get an understanding of what they like. From there, we take photos and measurements, and create a hand sketch of the new design. Once we’re back in our design centre offices, we create the design. Clients are then taken through the design, and if they want anything changed, we’re able to modify it right on the spot,” adds Remon. Having a clear vision of what the end-result will look like helps minimize any surprises and makes the whole process fun instead of frustrating.

Plan Your Initial Budget

Planning your initial budget can be the most stressful part of any renovation project. “We always try to work around our client’s budget,” says Remon, who recommends budgeting half for materials and half for labour costs. To save money without sacrificing quality and style, try choosing no-name brands for big-tickets items. “There are a lot of materials we can use now that are reasonably priced, so we can create that wow factor without breaking the bank,” he adds. For example, a kitchen countertop can be the most expensive item in your renovation, especially if you’re choosing a high-end brand-name stone. Choose a non-branded stone and you can cut your cost in half.

Know Timelines Can Change

When planning your renovation, keep in mind that timelines are never carved in stone. They can be off by anywhere from a few days, if there are no complications, to a few weeks, if unexpected issues arise. “When you’re renovating, sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that would increase the timeline, so the clients should prepare themselves. We advise: don’t be surprised, give it an extra two weeks, but know sometimes the project can get extended beyond those two weeks,” says Remon. Buffering in extra time – up to two months – will help lessen any stress if issues arise that extend your initial timeline. Not planning a renovation during a busier season, such as the holidays, or before a stressful life event, such as a new baby, can also help lessen the urgency for timelines to be met.

Choose Your Experts

Take the time and do your homework before hiring your renovation team. At the end of the day, you’ll want the extra reassurance that your home is in great hands. HomeReno Direct not only guarantees the highest standard of workmanship and materials are delivered for every project they complete, they also ensure the best client experience through every step of the process. Choosing the right professionals for your renovation project can also save you from spending extra on costly mistakes, like tile installation disasters. “Our tile setters are experts in their craft. They get the job done right the first time, because there are no second chances. It’s a difficult and expensive problem to fix,” says Remon.

Be Realistic About Your End Goal

Be realistic about what kind of renovation you can achieve with your budget and timeline by discussing your plans with your designers and contractors well in advance. Planning a new extension to your home in November before hosting family for the December holidays may not be doable, but renovating that guest bathroom may be. The earlier you start planning what you want to achieve, the less likely you’ll be disappointed or frustrated. Being aware of material and labour costs well in advance will also help minimize budget concerns – you’ll know what you can get for your money right off the bat instead of being disappointed with what you can’t afford.

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