Kitchen Renovation: Traditional with a Twist

BlogAdmin2Wednesday, Aug 08, 2018

A Mississauga-based family of four gets a kitchen upgrade to match their busy lifestyle.

Creating a kitchen that fits the needs of a busy family isn’t always an easy task. Besides cabinet finishes and tile options, functionality is a major design priority. For this Mississauga-based family’s kitchen renovation, their main request included a center island that would serve as the hub for the space. After living in their home for several years, the family realized a traditional kitchen table wasn’t a fit. “They wanted to get rid of the breakfast table and have an area where they could eat on the go. A bar-top island made more sense for their busy lifestyle and the space,” says Home Reno Direct owner Remon Hanoun.

By removing the unused breakfast nook area, the designers at Home Reno Direct were able to integrate a large bar-top island in the new kitchen design. The island serves as a multi-functional piece in the space that fits with their lifestyle now and will grow with them for years to come – it’s where the family can grab a quick bite, where food prep is easily executed and where they can casually hang out together in the kitchen.

“The design process at Home Reno Direct starts with our designers taking the time to get to know what our clients want and need,” says Remon. The whole process is streamlined and stress-free: clients provide Home Reno Direct with inspiration images and various design ideas they like. From there, it’s the designer’s role to understand their client’s mindset and execute a design. “We give them a few options until our clients choose one they are happy with. A great renovation is more than just getting a design you love, it’s about making the space work for your family,” he adds.

The L-shape kitchen design also helped maintain the open concept, while maximizing the space. This design works best for homeowners with a small- or medium-sized kitchen, and avid cooks who need an efficient work triangle space. For this busy family of four, the sink, oven and fridge were strategically placed to maximize functionality. “Having the appliances installed within a few feet from one another works best. If you place them too far apart, the design loses its efficiency,” says Remon.

Design elements like cabinets with inset details, crown molding and a neutral colour palette give this kitchen a traditional feel, while personal touches such as a mosaic inlay above the stove and a painted brick backsplash, express the homeowners’ individual personality. Narrow boards placed at an angle add interest to otherwise simple maple floors, while the oak island acts as a grounding piece within the kitchen. The use of multiple wood tones and stone finishes also create warmth and texture, drawing the eye around the space.

When renovating older homes, Remon recommends budgeting for unexpected issues, such as electrical updates. “The biggest issues that we have in older homes is electrical. The codes change and sometimes we have to update all of the electrical – you don’t really know if there are any issues until you open the wall and see what’s inside. That’s why you really have to hire someone you trust to do the renovation right.” Home Reno Direct guarantees many of their parts with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assure the job was done right.

After a six-week renovation, a few new design changes made this Mississauga kitchen feel much more spacious. Contact one of Home Reno Direct’s designers today to get started on your dream kitchen renovation.