Kitchen-Family Room Renovation

BlogAdmin2Thursday, Mar 03, 2020

A kitchen and family room combo gets a gorgeous upgrade to suit its Oakville-based modern family

Today’s kitchen and family rooms cater as the new social gathering spot for the family – the spaces serve as the hub of the home, functioning as the meal prep station, entertaining area, a place to relax and catch up after a long day and so much more.

Getting all of these elements in one space can be a challenge, but when the design is right, everything else falls into place. As was the case for this Oakville-based family’s renovation. HomeReno Direct designers envisioned an open floorplan that expanded the once divided kitchen and family-room into a spacious 1000-square foot living area.

The white kitchen features contemporary yet timeless design elements that bring texture and interest to the space. Chrome trim detail around the stovetop cabinets and hood range add an unexpected element and match the tone of the hardware and appliances beautifully. When choosing kitchen cabinetry, HomeReno Direct owner Remon Hanoun recommends picking MDF boards over wood: “natural wood expands and shrinks in different temperatures, so I don’t recommend using it in the kitchen. We use MDF boards, which stay consistent – they’re spray painted with multiple coats and lacquered for durability.”

Two slightly varying pieces of quartz stone in grey and white shades were chosen for the countertop and island. To keep with the sleek design, large slabs of quartz were also used for the backsplash for a clean look. Hardwood floor in a rich walnut finish was installed underfoot and extended to the family room, while interior cabinet lighting gives the space a nice ambience and offers the homeowners a showcasing space for special objects and dishware.

Top-of-the-line appliances placed within the functional work triangle – a design that minimizes traffic in the kitchen – further extended the efficiency of the U-shape kitchen. As did the addition of a pot filler above the stovetop. “It makes a huge difference when you’re cooking. You don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy pot from the faucet to the stovetop.” says Remon. “The cost that goes into installing one is definitely minimum and it’s a smart investment for your kitchen,” he adds.

When designing a space this large, creating zones within the space helps clearly define areas and gives an element of coziness. HomeReno Direct designers used tricks such as expertly-placed lighting and custom ceiling trims to clearly mark the perimeter of the three zones in this large space. In the kitchen area, three pendant lights above the island mark an end-point for this zone; a single chandelier helps flank the large table and surrounding chairs in the breakfast zone; and in the family room, another single hanging light defines the center of the space. A perimeter of pot lights within each space further helps to define each zone.

“When people renovate their kitchen, they also usually consider their family room, which is almost always adjacent to the space, says Remon. “They think of it as one unit, so the renovation is usually done at the same time,” he adds. Within the family room, a modern LED electric fireplace surrounded by porcelain tiles and a statement wall painted in a rich charcoal tone keep with the contemporary design touches in the kitchen. A wall of large windows also lets in more natural light and makes the space brighter. “Now it’s one open space that’s ideal for entertaining,” says Remon.

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