Kitchen Bathroom Renovations: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

BlogAdmin2Tuesday, Jul 07, 2018

Renovation costs can easily skyrocket from attainable to out of reach – knowing where to save and where to spurge to extend your budget is key. Here are our top money spending tips to getting the kitchen and bathroom you’ve always wanted

Kitchen Cabinets – SAVE

Many kitchen cabinets come standard with built-in features and savvy storage solutions that can be made to look custom with a few simple alterations. Home Reno Direct owner Remon Hanoun recommends going semi-custom to save an average of 30 percent in cabinetry costs. We design the cabinet layout, order them and fit them in the right places like a puzzle. Gaps are filled in seamlessly, so the look is very custom, says Remon.

Backsplash – SPURGE

Most backsplashes don’t require a lot of tile to get a fantastic finished result, which is exactly why it’s a great place to go high-end. Choosing beautifully veined marble tile or intricate mosaic for your backsplash will elevate the look of your entire space for a small slice of the overall budget and pay off big in your design.

Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring – SPURGE

A majority of my clients choose high-end porcelain tile for their flooring, says Remon. This is definitely an area of the renovation that they choose to spurge on and get right the first time, he adds. Porcelain tiles not only instantly elevate the look of a kitchen and bathroom, they’re a highly durable and functional flooring material for families.

Shower – SAVE

If you’re looking to install a walk-in shower, Remon recommends minimizing the glass as a cost-effective way to stay within budget. Today’s modern shower designs feature a simple wall divider instead of a full swing door for a clean, minimalistic look. Another option is to swap the glass completely for a rod and shower curtain and you’ll save hundreds on materials and labour.

Kitchen Layout – SPURGE

Designing a functional and livable kitchen layout should always be at the top of the renovation budget. Any designer will tell you, when your home’s space flows well, the rest of the design just comes together that much more easily. Remon recommends an open concept kitchen design for the best functionality. Open concept designs almost always allow space for an island – invest in one if your square footage allows.

Bathroom Lighting – SAVE

Pot lights give a good amount of illumination in a bathroom and can help you save hundreds on expensive light fixtures. When renovating a bathroom, in 99 percent of the cases you also won’t have to install a dedicated electrical line to install them; that will bring down your total cost to around $300, says Remon. Plan for one pot light above your shower or bathtub and another few spaced out within the space, depending on your square footage. Here’s a handy formula that’ll help you figure out how much light your bathroom needs: multiply your total square footage by 1.5 to get the total wattage you’ll need to light the room. Aim to have at least two feet between each fixture for the best results.

Flooring – SAVE

You don’t have to spend the extra cash on heated floors – that’s when the renovation costs go up, says Remon. Heated floors require dedicated lines for a radiant-heating system to be installed beneath your tile. Opt out of this pricey feature and place warm, water-absorbent rugs underfoot. They’re available in a variety of patterns, textures and colours, so you can easily get the look you want.

Vanities – SAVE

Most vanities come in standard sizes and don’t need to be custom ordered. The rule of thumb is: vanities smaller than 60 inches can accommodate one sink, and those larger than 60 inches can easily fit two. Choose a piece that packs a storage punch and features drawers or under-cabinet shelving to get the biggest bang for your buck. If your budget allows, Remon recommends customizing your standard vanity pick with a quartz stone countertop for an elevated finishing touch that won’t break the bank. Quartz is a quality material that has a high tolerance for moisture and is available in a variety of designer patterns.