How to Make the Most of a Condo Kitchen

BlogAdmin2Wednesday, Oct 10, 2022

Condo kitchens tend to be small, and you probably won’t have a lot of space to work with. Those who live in condos often struggle to find storage options and place kitchenware in piles in plain sight. This can make the area look messy—despite what many people think, lack of space does not have to prevent you from making the most out of your available space. 

There are creative ideas that can help solve the challenges of a small space in a condo kitchen, and the following tips will help:

Take Advantage of the Ceiling and Walls

When sorting out the items in your condo kitchen, you must take advantage of the walls and ceiling as this space can be put to use. You can hang decorative and functional items along with some of your gadgets to open up your room, and you can install shelves or extra cabinets on your walls to create additional storage space. This will eliminate clutter on your countertop and kitchen floor, making your area feel larger and more comfortable. You will be free to move around and cook comfortably because pans, dishes and cutlery will no longer be in your way.

Doors Can Serve Dual Purposes

Whether it’s your main kitchen door (if you have one) or your cabinet doors, remember that these can serve dual functions, as the back of these doors can be used as storage platforms for small items. You can install hangers and store kitchen items that are not heavy to keep things hidden and out of sight. This, too, would help unclutter your small condo kitchen for a more functional space.

Consider a Kitchen Island

This may sound strange because most people think of large, focal-point islands when considering this aspect of interior design. However, islands come in various sizes, and you may consider adding a small island to complement your kitchen’s design. 

A small kitchen island can double as an extension of your countertop, allowing you to place extra kitchenware on and inside your island. Small islands are explicitly designed for condo living which is why this idea is worth considering.

Find the Right Fixtures and Decorative Pieces

A small kitchen does not mean your space can’t be stylish. The right elements will allow you to have a modern, chic kitchen, regardless of size. You can purchase decorative baskets to hold your kitchen items and place these in the space between the top of your cabinetry and the ceiling. This space does not have to go to waste and can support small fixtures or organizational baskets for small objects like utensils. 

Creativity is the key to success when making the most out of your space, and there’s a lot you can achieve when working with a small space like a condo kitchen. 

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