Four Bathroom Trends That Are Worth Your Investment

BlogAdmin2Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020

There are some trends that had their time to shine but can now make you shudder. Pink bathrooms were the colour of the ‘80s and so was carpeted bathroom flooring.

1. Walk-In Showers

The immensely popular trend of homeowners having whirlpool tubs installed in their bathrooms was an example of a bad bathroom fad. Many homeowners are living constantly active, busy lifestyles and don’t have time for such an “over the top” bathtub. Walk-in showers, however, have the ability to combine aspects of luxury and convenience. Inviting and easy to use, walk-in showers allow homeowners to have a spa experience with an in-shower seat and customized shower heads. Baths are not always the most practical choice, but showers always will be.

2. Hidden Toilet

Most couples share their master bathroom, and often at the same time. Whether they’re preparing for the workday in the morning or bed in the evening, they’re most likely in each other’s presence. Concealing the toilet behind an additional wall or even another room within the bathroom itself can add some privacy between you two. This also saves valuable space to allow the bathroom to look more visually appealing and more space for a couple to share.

3. Compact Storage Cabinets

Many are moving towards compact and clean storage, cabinets and shelves to promote minimalist appearance and habits. Your bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing, private space and when it is unkempt, that can create stress. The minimalist trend of hidden cabinets and wall shelving is effectively organized and extremely practical.

4. Electronic Installations

Whether you take a five or 45-minute shower, having music play during it can boost almost anyone’s mood. Media installations in the bathroom have become much more commonplace lately. From wireless speakers to Bluetooth or waterproof televisions, media is making time in the shower something to look forward to. Electronics and media are not going anywhere, which makes this investment wise. Technicians can have your music system installed or television in your wall for the post-work evenings if you want to catch up on your favourite Netflix series.

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