Different Types of Kitchen Lighting

BlogAdmin2Tuesday, Jul 07, 2022

The right type of lighting will not only elevate the appearance of a space but will also allow you to complete tasks with ease which is very important in a kitchen. Whether cooking, preparing food or hosting a gathering, you will need a good plan that combines general, task, and accent lighting to illuminate your kitchen properly. 

What’s the Right Type of Kitchen Lighting for You?

  • General – this type of lighting offers the most light in a room and bounces off the walls to illuminate as much space as possible. Chandeliers, ceiling-mounted fixtures, track lighting and LED downlights are examples of light fixtures that provide general lighting.
  • Task – this type of lighting will provide you with increased light for specific tasks in a room that may already have general lighting. Task lighting will allow you to see small objects and provide you with increased light to comfortably complete tasks requiring accuracy. Pendant lighting, desk lamps, and under-cabinet lighting are examples of task lighting. 
  • Accent – this type of lighting is used to illuminate specific points of interest like architectural features or artwork. They are generally decorative and should complement the décor of the room. Accent lights can also make a room look bigger, so they are often used to achieve the desired effect. Sconces, picture lights, track lights, and outdoor lighting are all types of accent lighting.

Properly lighting a kitchen can be challenging, but knowing which options work best will allow you to clean, cook and showcase your kitchen, so consider the following:

Surface lighting

These standard fixtures provide ambient light and are mounted directly onto the ceiling. Surface lighting can illuminate a large area and are sometimes single, mushroom-shaped fixtures that hold single bulbs or larger rectangular fixtures that can contain multiple fluorescent tubes. 

Recessed lighting

These are installed directly in a ceiling, wall or other surfaces, and most fixtures will be hidden within the wall or ceiling. They are a great option for ambient lighting and are unobtrusive, and preserve a sense of openness and space in a kitchen.

Cabinet lighting

These lights can function as accent and task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting includes focused light fixtures that provide task lighting over counters, sinks and prep areas. In contrast, in-cabinet lighting is installed inside cabinets to offer better illumination when looking for pans or dishes. 

Pendant lighting

This fixture will be mounted to the ceiling and hung on a rod or chain. They are a cross between ambient light and task lighting and will help bring light closer to the surface of a table, sink, kitchen island, or counter for better visibility. 

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