Best Low-Maintenance Kitchen Materials

BlogAdmin2Wednesday, Jun 06, 2018

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or renovating your existing space, these durable features are Home Reno Direct’s top choice for a timeless look that’s maintenance free.


With so many options of materials available, finalizing a kitchen countertop is never easy. And since your counter’s colour palette dictates the tone for the rest of your space, making the right choice is that much more important. For Home Reno Direct clients, owner Remon Hanoun recommends quartz stone countertops in varying white shades. “The veining is very similar to marble, so you get a high-end look at a much lower cost,” he says. Quartz stone is also much more durable than both marble and granite, since it’s harder and less porous. “Quartz is a seven in terms of hardness, granite is between a six and a seven and marble is between a three and a four. For kitchens, you want to choose a hard surface for the lowest maintenance – that’s why we recommend quartz,” adds Remon. Another counter material that’s top on his list is porcelain – it’s durability, low-maintenance and versatility make it a winner in the kitchen.


A kitchen backsplash goes beyond protecting your walls from spills and splatters and injects your space with texture and pattern. From delicate glass tile to statement-making stone, choices in materials are endless. For a low-maintenance pick that doesn’t compromise on style, Remon recommends installing larger-scale tile in the kitchen as a backsplash. “For our clients, I’ve introduced a 24 by 24-inch tile for the backsplash to minimize grout cleaning. Dirty grout has been a big issue for our homeowners – when it gets greasy, it becomes very difficult to clean. By installing larger tile, you are minimizing the grout lines, so it’s less maintenance,” says Remon. The grout used by Home Reno Direct also has a built-in sealant, so it’s protected. The best part: it can withstand years of wear without needing a deep clean. For a more modern look that’s also maintenance-free, choose a solid-slab backsplash. A solid-slab backsplash is simply a backsplash made from one continuous material, such as stone. It can be an extension of your countertop for a seamless, bold look or a dramatic feature on its own.


Moisture is wood’s worst enemy – add to that falling objects like plates and pots that can dent your floor and tile becomes the obvious long-term choice for kitchen flooring. “Flooring essentially comes down to preference, but in terms of durability, tile is a top choice, and in today’s market we are seeing large-format porcelain tiles being installed in the kitchen instead of hardwood flooring,” says Remon. Porcelain tile is available in two finishes: glazed and unglazed. Both options are very hard and durable in high-traffic areas, however glazed tile offers an extra protective layer against water and stains and resists damage better in high-humidity areas. The price of large-format porcelain tile is similar to hardwood, plus the selection of shades is huge, so you don’t have to limit design for durability.

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