7 Kitchen Backsplash Trends That Will Inspire You

BlogAdmin2Tuesday, Aug 08, 2019

Backsplashes have been an essential part of kitchen renovations for the last few decades. On top of protecting the wall from damage, they also provide a unique splash of personality in an otherwise normal looking space. If you’re in the process of renovating your kitchen, then here are seven trendy backsplash options you should consider

Out-of-the-Box Shapes

Standard subway tiles had their time in the sun, but now it’s time for other tile shapes to shine. Popular ones include hexagons and fish scales, adding a hint of modernness and personality that subway tiles are lacking.

Counter-to-Ceiling Tile

The default setting when installing a tile backsplash is to go from the top of the counter to the underside of the cabinets. It’s a common sight in many kitchens with upper cabinetry, but what would you do if there weren’t cabinets in the way? It’s time to break the traditional mould, if your budget allows for it, and install a backsplash that reaches from your countertop to the ceiling.

Marble Everywhere

While tile is the common option for backsplashes, ceramic, natural stone and porcelain are coming in close, especially when it comes to marble. The look of marble slabs as a backsplash rather than individual tiles provides a near seamless and clean look to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Bold Colours

Backsplashes in neutral colours like white, light gray and beige are commonplace for a lot of kitchens. But now it’s time to switch things up and throw some colour into the mix! The smallest pop of colour will bring personality into the space, making the room truly your own. Just make sure it’s not something you’ll get tired of too quickly.

Patterns Galore

Plain tile backsplashes are out, with patterned ones making a grand entrance this year! Add some personality to your kitchen by installing a backsplash that’s easily the focal point of the entire room. In particular, tiles with large or graphic patterns in either bold colours or neutrals are what we had in mind.

Alternative Materials

Who said your backsplash needed to be made from tile, stone or even glass? You can take almost any material and install it however you desire. This includes wood planks, shiplap, beadboard, cork, plywood, chalkboard paint or a combination of them. As long as there’s a way to make it water resistant, the sky’s the limit in what you can do.

Mirrors and Metallics

If you’re looking for a unique yet subtle backsplash for your new kitchen, then you can’t go wrong with this option. Whether you want a completely mirrored experience to make your kitchen look bigger or a metallic sparkle that’s sure to dazzle guests, you won’t regret this trendy option.

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